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Well, i bought Windows XP a few days ago, i tried to install in on my 2TB hard drive but wouldn't work so i ended up putting windows 7 back on it. I was able to install the Virtual box but had mouse problems. Anyway, today i bought a smaller hard drive 250GB i think it is. Windows XP works fine, but there is no sound at all. I am getting sound on my other 2TB hard drive but the 250GB has no sound at all. The entire sound options are grey where i can't click on anything. Not even the internet is working leaving me 30 days until i need to register it.

Does anyone know how i can sort out the sound. The wire is connected from the computer to my HD tv, i even tried using the old speakers but even that isn't working. I don't know if the graphic card has anything to do with it. The Graphics card i have i bought back in 09 i think it was and it does struggle to install when i'm on the XP. Somethings work, other things do not.

Any info on what could cause the sound to not work would be great, thanks :)

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Sounds like you havnt got any sound card drivers installed
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The reason you 'have sound on the 2TB" is because you're running Windows 7 on that drive. Windows 7 has a lot better auto-detection and installation of needed drivers - including audio, video, LAN, etc. Like stated, it's (very likely) that you don't have sound drivers installed in XP. Windows XP likely does not know what audio chipset is built-in to your motherboard (or what sound card you have installed, if you have one installed). Best thing to do is to boot into your 7 - right-click on Computer - and left-click Manage. This will take you to device manager. In Device Manager, you'll see "Sound, video and game controllers" - click on that so it drops down, and you'll see some kind of name for your audio device. A common name you might see would be Realtek. What you can do is either, google the name you see, or find any CD that came with your motherboard, boot into XP, go to Device Manager in XP - find the - 'unknown audio device" - right click - install driver, choose your CD. What I'm most curious about, though, is your reasoning for going back to a 12-year-old operating system that is just barely supported, when you seem to have a working Windows 7? Reading your post again, it sounds like you're using HDMI from your video card, and, likely that is what's outputting audio to your TV. In that case, get the latest video card drivers from nvidia or amd (depending on your card) for Windows XP and it should enable audio over HDMI.