Nitronic Rush is (hopefully) getting a sequel called Distance!

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Remember Nitronic Rush, that sweet DigiPen game that was a combo of San Francisco Rush 2049 and Tron? Well, some of the original team members have made their own indie group, Refract Studios. And their first project? Distance.

They're doing Kickstarter both for needed costs (like software license fees) but also because they really want feedback for direction in the game. There are some major requested things in Nitronic coming true, like live multiplayer (as opposed to racing ghosts), split screen multiplayer, Linux support, and a easy to use editor and modding encouraged. Not too mention even more of the super sweet music we had in the first game.

From a dev standpoint, they're also going to be using Unity for this, as opposed to the custom built engine Nitronic used.

Right now they're at about 75% with a little over 5 days to go. Let's show Refract the support they deserve!

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Nitronic Rush was awesome, so I really hope this ends up getting funded.

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Looks like the campaign gained some traction lately. As a backer I truly hope this gets funded, Nitronic Rush was great.