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By Magdreamer


I am Magdreamer, Founder and Administrator here at Nin Online. Let me give you some history and background info about me and Nin Online. I am 13 years old, going 14 this year. However, I feel that I am alot more talented and mature than people my age. I have been studying essential game development material for 2 years now, such as coding in Visual Basic 6, Spriting using paint, Adobe Photoshop, Maya (I took a 6 months course for 3D Modelling and animation) and much much more. I have much to learn about game design and hope to take a Game Design course when I go to a Polytechnic, which is a alternative to Junior Colledge where I live. I am not going to give up on Nin Online because I have worked hard for it and I wouldn't want to tell people my first game project was a failure.

Nin Online has gone through many, let me repeat many, changes in the past year and a half. It started off as a small project to make a 2D Naruto ORPG to impress my classmates I didn't have a name for it so I named it "Naruto Project", it used RM2K Graphics with some naruto clothings. However, with the support of a few of my classmates, I decided to go further. I made all new custom graphics with hundreds of paperdoll items. I made a open beta client and had a host run it 24/7, this went on for awhile.

One day, I recieved a prank call from one of my classmates and got in trouble with my family, he said I was stealing internet resources, so I had to pause the game's development, a few days after that, I got another stupid (but alot more obvious) prankcall from the same idiot, then only did I realise that the could go on! but as the game grew, bigger in coding, graphics and community, I decided I woudn't want to get sued for making the game, I also would not be able to get fansites and such if I used a stolen theme. So I removed almost all the game's Naruto Content and decided to name it, "Hidden Villages Online".

Hidden Villages Online was a let down as when we were a Naruto Game we had earned more members easier as you see, many people were attracted to the idea of a Naruto MMORPG. So I decided to change the whole theme of the game, instead of making it another of those "training mmorpgs" where all you do is train, I changed the idea of the game to "living the life of a ninja" with house and land ownership, marriage and such.

The game was a success for awhile, but I noticed that the game still gave an Aura of "Narutoism" so I had to do a final name change, and then I thought.. what should it be? it came to my head... Nin Online!

I promise you all that I will NOT give up, and that this game is not just another total scam like those "Naruto MMORPGs" which I still challenge even though we have moved on.

Thank You,
Founder & Administrator of Nin Online

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The Game is still in devellopement. But we need spriters and Concept Artist. If you're good in one of this , Apply.

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I dabble in programming my own games, it's a fun hobby. I'm a big fan of indie games. Best of luck!
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Wll im GM in that game, and we need some staff, if you know Spriting/Coding you could apply. and if dont know , enter and play with us, the game will enter in closed beta in some days

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it has a nice look and sound to it, good luck for the future
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Do you need anyone to do some original music?
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Sounds cool.
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If you want to get your game out there I suggest you go here. It's the biggest and most proper community where you can build the hype for your product.
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If you goto one of the tech forums here, they can actually make a page for your game i believe. If you give them screen shots and some info. Then it should pop up on the front page :)
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if you need more beta player just pm me. it looks really cool and im hoping to learn programming better soon. i dabble in c#
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Guys check the forums, register, the game is almost there.