My keycode is in use? (COD4)

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So, heres what happened. I turn on my computer this morning, planning on playing some COD4. I start it up, and find a decent server. Then it gives me a message saying my keycode is in use. I've never shared my keycode or anything, but somehow, someone guessed it and now I can't get on. :| Are there any work-arounds for this? I went to the Actvision website and they said if your keycode gets stolen they won't replace it. Any ideas? Will I need to buy the game again?
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you sir has been hacked did you check if there is no one else at your house playing the game cause i dont think two computers can play online at the same time at least thats what happened to me but then again i use steam..
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Seems to me like you need to buy another copy. The only way that your keycode that I know of should be reported already in use is if you are using a pirated copy of the game, having the game installed on 2 seperate computers and try to play online at the same time, or you downloaded something that stole your CD-Key.

I'd run a scan on your computer for viruses and other crap, restart your modem and try logging onto the server again. If that doesn't work, are you sure you didn't let a friend install the game on his/her computer to play with you or vice-versa?