maplestory change and sucks now

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if your the age of 15 and under you wont really understand. If You never played this before 2009-2010 you wont under either

Every since the big bang i been very disappointed i been craving to play the old maple story i keep trying to play the new update on and off but it just not the same.....

i miss the challenge of the game... people used to stick together even if you was a noob someone will welcome you the bosses got really easier the leveling got way faster .. they classes are very unbalanced people used to have to play the games for hours ! leveling up doing alot of quest fighting monsters hustling just to get a good item.. now all u have to do is buy nx to get whatever you want

the map is way too big......this game turn into a pay2win type game smh

does anyone miss the old maplestory ?

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It was never good to begin with

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2d sidescroller mmorpg


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@JigglyWiggly_ said:

2d sidescroller mmorpg


What's wrong with that?

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I never could get into the game. Sorry to hear that it went the way Runescape did.