Looking for the support of mod developers (Trucksim games)

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Hey guys, recently me and a friend decided to make a Facebook page covering all the news about American Truck Simulator. last week we reached 2,000 likes and decided we wanted to build a bigger and better community. Within a week the two of us managed to build a small website (Mainly a forum) Where we discuss Truck simulators and we can share mods, our aim was to create a site where people could share their work on a secure download section and to form a new community.

We need people willing to upload their mods to our website in preparation for it's release on the 10th of Jan. We currently have developers from Promods.net and a few others from various websites on our side.

If anyone would be willing to support us, or just want to see our progress etc then feel free to message me (Didn't want to include url or pictures as i'm not sure about the rules on advertising but I will if needed) Thankyou in advance!