List good PC games with low system requirements.

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I made a thread a couple days ago looking for a good PC game that could run on my laptop and I had some specific games I was looking for, but I am still having trouble choosing a game from that thread.

So could you guys post ALL good PC games that has low system requirements?

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Classic retro games are what you are looking for like:

C&C red alert 2, original, red alert, tiberian sun. (so get the 1st decade)

There are alot of other games, but posting your requirements would really help. I know those will run probably.

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Call of Duty 1,WarCraft III,Max Payne 1&2
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Total Annihilation will run on any thing.
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Dungeon Siege is a very entertaning and good action-RPG, the min specs are Pentium 2 333Mhz CPU, 128Mb RAM and almost any 3D video card.
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Unreal tournament 2004
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Can't think of too many, Warcraft III and Starcraft..

If you want online, WoW works on anything, but I wouldn't recommend it... it's way too addicting.

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Age of Mythology should run on anything.
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Age of Mythology should run on anything.limpbizkit818

It wouldn't run on my Pt 3 laptop :( .

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System Shock 2, Worms Armageddon, Ground Control (which is free now), Diablo 2, any of the Popcap games (huge collection can be bought on steam for $90)
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There are way too many great PC games that run on "low system requirements". The question in this thread is what type of game are you looking for?
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If ever the world came to a end and all I was left with was a low end PC with WIN98 and five games on it I would hope that those games would be:

Thief 2

Pirates! Gold

Fallout 2


Unreal Tournament

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Peggle Deluxe. Screw the rest. This is the game you want!
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some games you might wanna check out:

doom compilation (ultimate doom/doom 2/final doom)

system shock 2

quake 2

half life

unreal tournament

command and conquer: the first decade (compilation pack, most games will run, but possiblynot all)

age of empires 2

medieval: total war

grand theft auto 1, 2, 3, vice city

splinter cell

max payne 1 & 2

fallout 1 & 2

baldur's gate 1 & 2

planescape torment

broken sword 1 & 2

grim fandango

any game you can find with monkey island in the title


dungeon keeper 2

sim city 2000

black and white


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here is a very good list
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fallout 1&2 + tactics dues ex command and conquer the first decade(a large collection of the earlier games in the c&c series) quake live wolfenstien enemy terriotry diablo battle chest warcraft 3 battle chest star craft battle chest.
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Anno 1701

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2 new games with low system requirements


Attack on Pearl Harbor

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How about Hexen? Looks so much better now with the doomsday engine! Plus there's loads of mods/extra maps available. xmrb2003x
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How about Hexen? Looks so much better now with the doomsday engine! Plus there's loads of mods/extra maps available. xmrb2003xxmrb2003x
And also the doom games run fine on the same doomsday engine. Plus Heretic. I wish they would update other games like this!
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dungeon keeper 2 :) fun.
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Doom 3 HItman 2 Portal
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2 new games with low system requirements


Attack on Pearl Harbor

Another necro bump? God damn, it's the Zombiethreadapocalypse!
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Plants vs Zombies? Good fun
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Age of Empires II
Deus Ex
Diablo II
Warcraft III
Unreal Tournament 2004
Alpha Centuari
Grim Fandango

You'll be happy with any of those. Really just pick any vintage PC game worth playing and you'll be set. There's no shortage of cIassics out there.

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Fallout 1 & 2 have already listed above several time, so I will add

Arcanum (developed by some of the Fallout people)

Dosbox + Master of Orion 1

Master of Orion 2 or Dosbox + Master of Orion 2

NOT Master of Orion 3 (generally sucked)

Dosbos + X-Com "1" UFO Defense

X-Com3 or Dosbox + X-Com "3" Apocalypse

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (aka KOTOR)

NOT KOTOR2 (needs a decent video card)

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age of empires 2, rise of nations will probably run on most pc's too. UT99 though the graphics are dated but still one of my favorite games of all time.