Left Speaker is Not Working (in PC Mode) - Please Help!

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Hey guys,

First off: I am using Vista; sound options are different.

I have the Creative X-FI Soundblaster FATAL1TY and the Logitech Z-5500 5.1 PC Speaker System and have recently discovered that my left speaker produces a low static and nothing else. All my other speakers work fine and so I am boggled by this.

While playing Xbox 360, all my speakers (including my left) work perfect, so I'm sure it's not a problem with the speaker itself.

You should know that I just installed Vista Ultimate, and before that did not have this problem (maybe it was occuring and I just didn't notice, though) and so it may have to do with that? I am using the latest drivers (Vista Beta drivers) for my sound card.

I've looked into this and read that many people simply need to equal the slider for left and right speaker in the Control Panel/Sound Options. In Vista the sound options are different and I cannot find this slider.

In addition, when testing my speakers in configuration mode (click the speaker icon to hear a sound emitt from that speaker), the center speaker emits the sound when the left speaker icon is selected. Furthermore, when the center icon is pressed, the right speaker emitts that sound. Finally, when the right speaker icon is pressed there is no sound at all. However, I think this in particular may just be a software flaw as when I click the subwoofer icon, although sound does come from the subwoofer, it is extreamly faint (yet the sub works fine in action - playing music, games, etc.)

Anyways, I would really like to get this resolved - I have spent a good few hours trying to read up on possible issues and fix the problem myself but have had no luck!

Please help, I'd appreciate it so much, and thank you!


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check connections?
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Already tried that, thanks though.
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Bump :PSB_Anime

I had the same problem in the Vista beta only the right speaker would play music but in XP it was fine.
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Hmmm, sounds like a driver problem if your XBox works fine. Does your motherboard have 5.1 integrated sound? If so, then you could try that and see if the problem persists.