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#1 Posted by pero2008 (2888 posts) -

Ok, my laptop was working perfectly fine last night but now when i turn it on the fan doesnt even work or just does barely and the screen stays black. Is the laptop fried? I looked online and tried everything turn it on with and then without battery and nothing.

#2 Posted by FelipeInside (26372 posts) -
Does it make ANY sound? Have you tried reseating the RAM?
#3 Posted by Richard_The_Gr8 (620 posts) -

if your fan isnt working then system probably recognises that and won't boot the computer because if it did the cpu would overheat and your laptop would be dead. OR your fan has failed, and the cpu has overheated, what were you doing with it last night?

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Maybe your power brick is dead, and it will neither charge the battery nor power the rig.