Lag, Only with Steam?

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Hey all, I'm new to PC gaming and have been having a rather annoying issue with lag. I have tried to play TF2 and Dino Horde on Steam. Both of these games result in the same type of lag. Basically, when I go to move/run I end up getting bounced ahead of me, which has resulted in my character falling off cliffs, running into walls, getting killed, and other such things.

Now, I have Far Cry 3 but I don't have it through Steam. So I tested out how the connection for the online for that game is and it runs just fine. Same goes for Planetside 2, absolutely no issues. I also have no issues when playing online with my PS4 (other than the issues with BF4, Killzone and Madden run smoothly).

I'm left assuming this is somehow an issue related to Steam and was wondering if anyone has had similar issues or has heard of this happening. But with Titanfall on the way this is something I'm definitely on a mission to get resolved.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Maybe try reinstalling steam?

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Play on servers in which you have low ping.

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Make sure your choosing low ping (below 100) severs with Tf2 and Dino Horde

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@Tokeism said:

Make sure your choosing low ping (below 100) severs with Tf2 and Dino Horde

After reading this I tried it and sadly it did not help. I'm not sure if somewhere a setting is off or something, which is probably the case if the other games I mentioned run fine.

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turn off the Steam in-game overlay and see if that helps.