KotOR 2 Bounty Quest, Escaped Criminals (Telos). Help needed!

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Ok so I have talked to Lt. Dol Grenn about the Escaped Criminals and I have the quest in my journal...
But for some reason the criminals are not there at where Jana Lorso is! I've tried to get them every time I completed a quest and they never were there...
I helped the ithorians and I have completed every quest (from Telos) except the Escaped Criminals quest ofc.
I tried then my last option and save + leave Telos to the restoration area and well that didn't work because the criminals weren't there where they should have.
I have NO idea what I did wrong and I don't know if this is a bug or not. Please inform me of anything that could help.

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Well...that really takes me back! Look here: http://www.gamespot.com/pages/forums/show_msgs.php?topic_id=26012585

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I got this "fixed" by using KotOR Savegame Editor (KSE works with both KotOR 1 and KotOR 2) to complete the quest. Ofc I didn't get any xp for doing this... this way you can only change the quest from active to complete. I never got to see the criminals not even at Jana Lorso not even a blink.

Here is the link to KSE (Newest, Eng only, remember to copy your saves before using this!)


TO --Anna--

There is a fix to a problem on the restoration zone only (If you only saw the criminals on Telos but can see them in the restoration zone).
But my broblem was that I can't see them the first time in Telos.

To those who can't see the criminals in the restoration zone:

Posted by: Warpdawg

If like me you had completed Telos without finding the criminals in the restoration zone (but had seen them earlier in the Czerka offices and spoken to Grenn about going to find them) and were up to your next planet, you can still solve this quest with the help of KSE.

Open it up and choose the save you want to edit. Go to "Globals -> Numerics" then scroll down to find "202TEL_Bounty_Killers". The value next to it will most likely be 5, simply change it to 6, hit apply then commit changes. Now you should have the option of speaking to Lt. Grenn about it and finishing the quest.