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Is this game still worth playing on pc ? I noticed its only 3 dollars on steam right now and have been looking for a good rpg.

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yes OH HELL YES!!!!! BUY IT!!!!
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A classic never gets old for those who truly appreciate a good game.

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I also agree with prior posters. One of BioWare's best titles.
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It was a fun game. I had it on xbox, I'm thinking about getting it on Steam too...
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I really enjoyed it :)

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I am not a fan. It's worth playing for that much to see if you like it and see what's it's like, but I don't think it's a good game. It is interesting though. I played it when it released and recently tried replaying it a month or so ago. The story is incredibly contrived and the combat is unreliable and poorly designed. The progression is boring, and the quests are rarely interesting. The most interesting thing is probably the morality system where you don't have to take the standard good vs evil stance and instead can take a more pragmatic stance if you want. Realistically, it doesn't change much, but that makes the story just a little interesting. After I replayed it recently, I was curious what the perception of similar people was, and I found that I agree with most of what the author says in this article.
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It was a decent to good game. The weakest aspect of Jade Empire was the combat.
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Great game that was just a bit too short. The game is also a combination of a bunch of classic Chinese novels. I think they would of have been better off sticking to one of those stories instead of trying to combine all of it.

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The story and combat was amazing. Its pretty much KOTOR but with a chinese martial arts setting.
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Yeah, it's worth it. Not BioWare's best game, but it's a fun RPG with a really cool setting.

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I bought it months ago but have yet to play it (other than making sure it works) day....