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2500K, 4GB DDR3, ASrock p67 pro3, 1TB, GTX560ti.

I've got an Accelero Extreme Plus II GPU cooler, runs 20-40c tops when maxing out games. I can start in safemode on this machine but older or up-to date Nvidia drivers are installed it gives me a black screen and the monitor turns off (error is 0x0000016 - gpu stuff). So either my GPU is busted (which i doubt) or something is wrong with my software..?

CPU stress tested with P95, its fine. GPU tested with the fur test, crashed and error 0x0000016.

Tried Wxp/w7/w8.1, all errors with nvidia drivers.


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That error could be due to a lot of things. Here are some items to check:

1. Make sure your OS is completely up-to-date, then reinstall your driver

2. If you are overclocking, then go to stock speeds and see if it works

3. Test your RAM

4. What kind of PSU do you have? Make sure you have enough power to supply your system.

5. Are you sure your graphics card isn't overheating?

6. If the problem persists it is likely a problem with the card itself.

Good luck and let us know if you have any questions.

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If you installed this cooler yourself, did you install it correctly? I'd venture to guess it's a VRAM issue - overheating or it's just faulty and causing the GPU to crash.

I had a GTX 285 that would constantly crash and throw Nvidia driver errors. I down clocked it bit and even tried playing with the voltage, but nothing got it working correctly. I tried multiple drivers as well with no luck.

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Take the GPU out and connect the monitor to the mobo. If it works normally then it means your GPU just died. If you can test your GPU on another PC even better, just to be sure.

My old 8800GTS died like that a few months ago. Only works in Safe Mode or in Windows without drivers installed. Once I installed drivers, Windows would simply crash at startup and then show a BSOD with artifacts.