Is There a DBZ game for PC

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Is there any Good Dragon Ball Z game for PC that is not a mod of counter strike or any other game , I mean a Real dbz game like - Tenkaichi Budokai for ps2 , that kind of game for PC , if anyone knows please let me know , because I really wanted to play that kind of game , but I don't have a console ,so please if you know please share that information with me .
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No but there is going to be a DBZ MMOwhich is beingoverlooked by Akira Toriyama himself.
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Heh, well that mod for Half-Life, Earth's Special Forces, is the best one I have played.
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DBZ-Vegeta I lovee your avatar!

Yeah theres an mmo concerning DBZ that might be coming out. I hope it's awesome I like Dbz alot.

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thanks for apriciating my avatar - I made it on Photoshop anyway I know about the DBZ MMORPG but it will be released 2008 year in JAPAN , that means in Europe a lot later then this :{
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well there are those Mugen modded DBZ versions, but they aren't great.
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nope you'll have to buy a PS2 or a PS3
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Little Fighter 2 :D
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Little Fighter 2 :DRK-Mara


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Yup then I'll buy PSP and i'll buy shin budokai ( there is no other way :[ )
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Earth's Special Forces. Half-life mod

It's actually pretty damn good, and popular. Also being ported to the source engine very shortly

ESF Website

Gameplay Video

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I have played the esf but I want not a mod a DBZ game that is a little better than this esf , From what i have watchet this DBZ MMORPG is going to be the best