Is Devil May Cry (new one) worth $12.49?

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#1 Posted by Chaay (319 posts) -

On sale on Steam right now and I keep checking it out. I've never played the series much but they are fun.

Is it worth the price tag? How good are the controls using keyboard and mouse?

#2 Posted by PredatorRules (9554 posts) -

I'd recommend getting controller but keyboard+mouse is fine as well

#3 Posted by Arthas045 (5659 posts) -

Great game and I think totally worth the price. I have a controller, so I cannot vouch for the game being played with keyboard and mouse.

#4 Posted by Chaay (319 posts) -

Unfortunately buying a controller isn't an option. Has anyone had experience playing with m+kb?

#5 Posted by gameofthering (10735 posts) -

It's a great game and I've tried it with the KB+M and I'd say it's playable. Although I'm not very good with it as I mostly play these types of games with a controller.

#6 Posted by insane_metalist (7348 posts) -

It's pretty dope but you really need a controller for DMC.

#7 Posted by Large_Soda (8637 posts) -

Not saying it can't be done, but I couldn't imagine playing this game without a controller. Controls aside, this is great game at $12.

#8 Posted by JangoWuzHere (18265 posts) -

One of the best games of 2013.

#9 Posted by trijity (810 posts) -

@JangoWuzHere said:

One of the best games of 2013.

This. I absolutely loved the new DMC. I also played with with a controller but the KB+M scheme seemed all right for the bit I used it.

#10 Posted by Jd1680a (5957 posts) -

Devil May Cry have been $50 for a year. Yeah, its a good deal if you want to play it.