Indie RPG - Battlepaths

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#1 Posted by quaid78 (25 posts) -

Wow, that's some trailer for an indie game. Found when sifting through the Greenlight titles:

Looks like decent 2d-RPG hacking, did anyone get his hands on this already? I really like the art style.


#2 Posted by frnk55 (260 posts) -

Looks cool. I voted for it.

#3 Posted by quaid78 (25 posts) -

I found it on IndieDB:

Cool, gonna check the demo out right a way and tell you what is.

#4 Posted by Zubinen (2557 posts) -
It reminds me a bit of some flash based rpgs I've played, definitely good quick distraction at just $2.99. I wouldn't mind paying $2.99 for something like a retail game for the Epic Battle Fantasy series.
#5 Posted by quaid78 (25 posts) -

I got it now from GamersGate. Great little RPG, offering everything you need for a good grind! The music is fantastic and absolutely Diablo like.

As I see on IndieDB, they are even continuing updating the game and improve it further. Nice job.

Any more such great grinders on the indie market? And please, don't suggest Torchlight... ^^