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If you had a cable modem and you needed to connect it to a laptop how would you do it if you have no ethernet port in the room?

Does this sound any good?

They are the cable providers in my neighborhood but do i have to have their cable service to get the internet service? Or do i have to connect it to my cable box or tv somehow? Sorry i am very! New to this type of stuff!

Dont laugh or think im stupid!

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There shouldn't be an ethernet on your wall, and if you want cable service from an ISP, you're gonna have to pay for it.
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I know that but then where should my ethernet port be; in the laptop? Do i just plug the modem into my laptop and then plug it in again?
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There should be an ethernet port on your laptop, either on the motherboard itself or through a PC card or something. The ethernet cable will be connected to that, and the other end will go to the modem. 
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Or maybe get a wireless router and a wireless network card for your laptop then you can use it anywhere within your house or just outside on the porch or something.
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Wait, so how many things need to be plugged in here. So, say the ethernet thing is in the laptop, do i just plug the ethernet cord into the laptop and the modem connecting the two and im done?
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If you have Windows XP, then yes. Just connect your cable modem and computer, and the internet will work. Windows DHCP service will automatically configure the network. Oh, and if you don't have an ethernet port, you can use a USB port until you get one. It's a little slower, but it works.
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Hey, well, if i have windows XP could i just get a modem and not need an ISP? Cause wont Internet Explorer be up if i just get a modem?
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Hey, well, if i have windows XP could i just get a modem and not need an ISP? Cause wont Internet Explorer be up if i just get a modem?Hatiko, you need an Internet Service Provider in order to have internet service...that's why they're called ISPs, because they provide internet service.
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You plug the ethernet cable to your laptop and your router, then a phone cable from your router to your wall. You can't just get a modem and get on the internet. You NEED an ISP, and they're going to charge you. The only ISPs that don't charge are the ones that give away 14k, 28.8k and 56k, such as Netzero and Juno. And that's dreadfully slow these days. So, anything more then that and you're going to be paying at least $14.
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Yaaaaaaaa, didnt think that it would be that easy.
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Thanks for everyone that helped!

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