Ibuypower vs building your own

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Do you save a decent amount of money buying your own parts versus using ibuypower?

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ibuypower cuts corners with their PSUs and some other parts. On this forum, building your own computer will always be recommended.

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Be a man (or woman), build it yourself.

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There usually marked up 25-40% while skimping out on parts (such as cheap ram, PSU, and motherboard).

Its usually recommended to build the pc yourself, if your budget really high then buy the parts and pay a shop to assemble it (usually $100-200 fee), or if your budgets low buy a PC with a decent CPU and then install a powersupply/graphics card yourself

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It's so easy man, I have had a couple of friends who built their own and they didn't know anything about computers.

Just watch a video, everything is so simplified and standardized now that a small child could EASILY put one together.

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I'll always build my own because it does saves you tons of money, because when I build my own I know my system will have good quality components, because I enjoy building gaming rigs.

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I voter that you should build your own pc. It's much, much cheaper, and more fun. You will respect, appreciate your creation much more. You have the freedom to cherry pick each component that you want in your system so that you have total control over your build. I recently built my own PC as well, and it was fun. So easy to find good parts with sites like http://pcpartpicker.com , and other nice gurus here; and around the net.

Once you grab all the parts, Tek Syndicate does a good/fun job at explaining how to put everything together.

Have fun! ;)

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its really easy to build on your own, why give your hard earned cash to a company? buy parts and assemble it on your own, there's tones of guides. Or you could pay $50 and let some1 assemble it for you.

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Build your own PC, will save you good money

It's either sites that choose poor parts or they choose good parts but the price is way high because building a PC somewhat takes another 50-200$

I understand it's not their fault, they just try to make profit.

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I've had friends use IBuyPower and their parts went bad relatively quickly.

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Get parts from a site like newegg, then build it yourself or have a friend help you that knows how to do it. Never ever buy from iBuypower, they over price a lot of their products.

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@mkfighter8: There are better PC manufacturers than iBuyPower like Falcon Northwest or Digital Storm, but the markup they charge is ridiculous. You can get the same parts and have a buddy build it for you for way cheaper.

But don't listen to the "always build your own PC dude" people on this forum, which is more than 90% of them. If you've never done any such thing before, don't attempt it yourself. Have a friend do it for you. There are also plenty of local businesses that can assemble parts for you.

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@dbtbandit67 said:
If you've never done any such thing before, don't attempt it yourself. Have a friend do it for you. There are also plenty of local businesses that can assemble parts for you.

That's silly. If you never attempt it - how are you going to learn? I slapped together a gaming PC in 5th grade. I had no experience then and I didn't find it particularly difficult.

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i used to have a buddy build my pcs. Last one i purchased was from cyberpower.

ive had the rig for 3 years and ive had 0 problems with it. I will buy my next pc through them as well. Thats not to say its better than building your own. Any time you build something yourself you know what you are getting. I just dont want to put the time or effort in to build it myself. I would give them an A+

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Wow thanks for all the advice guys lol sorry for the late response. Guess I'll go ahead and build one myself didn't realize that sites like ibuypower cut corners like that lol. Thanks again everyone!

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@mkfighter8 said:

Do you save a decent amount of money buying your own parts versus using ibuypower?

I just tried to SLI GTX760 on that site and they take 350$ for the second GPU - WTF!?!?! I can get it for 250$ elsewhere, I mean an extra 100$ for installing second GPU to it's PCIe slot?!?! I didn't know it's so delicated procedure, I mean if you'll install it wrong it might blow or something?! :D

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To be fair, IBuyPower and similar companies now let you pick a quality power supply, and motherboard for the build. The main advantage I see is that you can get that all-in-one warranty, rather than a seperate warranty on each part. If the computer craps out, you can just send the whole thing to the company, rather than troubleshooting it yourself. If you don't want to risk the hassle, it may be worth it to go the IBuyPower or CyberpowerPC route. Just do a little research on the power supplies and other parts to make sure they are well reviewed.

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I think a lot of people in this thread think since it was super easy for them, it's super easy for everybody. There are some people who will pick up on stuff like building a PC quickly and others will have a lot of challenge.

If you have a close friend, who has done it before, I'd have him/her walk you through it. Nothing wrong with having an experience person teach and show you how to do it yourself.

If you don't have anyone who is computer savvy and you still want to build your own - take your time and do your research. Make sure you buy the right parts (people on here can definitely help with that).

If you're inpatient and haven't done your research, you will find building your own very frustrating, but if you do your homework (like others have said), building your own PC can be very easy.

Good luck!