i have a 9800gt, can i

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The 9800gt is from my older computer and i want to install my it on my newer computer that only has a 300 watt power supply. i read the specs and its says minimum 400w. does that one card really burn that much energy.

my pc has 8gb or ddr3, A8-5500 and a 7200rpm drive, 1 case fan, one cpu fan. will my computer fry instantly if i put that card in?

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If it says it needs a 400w power supply and you only have a 300w then I wouldn't install it. It won't fry your PC but you'll get issues when the card tries to draw more power than what's available.

And why are you still using that card? It's time to upgrade, man.

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if you a 150 bucks to spend what card you purchase? and what games can i play. im getting a xbox one so i will doing all my gaming on that. I was just curious on turning my pc into a light gaming rig. The APU on this A8 suck donkey balls.

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  • ASUS HD7770-DC-1GD5-V2 Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition 1GB ?
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This is the card I have in an older computer and it plays modern games just fine even CoD Ghost.

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Also you could run that card with your current PSU.

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I would go careful as even if you did install and and it worked, once you put the card under stress and it uses more power that is when it will go pop!

I built a p.c which had a cheap 500w psu with a 8800gtx ultra, it was fine when playing skyrim and a few other games but when I played the witcher 2 the psu blew flames out the back and ruined my whole rig

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Both the Radeon 7750 and 7770 are good options that can be had for $100 or less and use very little power, especially the 7750 which doesn't even use an external power connector.

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@bigfootpart2: ok il look into these cards. thanks guys !

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You can defiantly fry the psu if you overload it and when that goes potentially it could take down the rest of your pc with it! I upgraded to a 7950 from a 5770 and with it overclocked alongside my overclocked i7-920 fried my 550 watt psu luckily that was the only part that failed I now I have a 1000 watt enough to handle 3 7950.

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9800GT is good enough for consoles ports. It's still better than the consoles so most games will run well at medium settings 720p, many will run happily at higher resolutions too.

I would recommend just spending $50 or so on a decent brand 500w power supply like a corsair CX500.