I have 2 keys for Darksiders 2 Abyssal Forge DLC

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#1 Posted by Shatilov (4120 posts) -

I have these extra keys, i found them in my library, and I don't recall using them or giving them to anyone, as i had got the season pass for this game, and non of my friends got this game, so if anyone wants it, here u go,


Product Code: X8KRN-5H95Q-WEBK7

And if both keys are used, then plz excuse me, as i didnt mean to waste ur time,

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Thank you! Happy holidays to you! :)

#3 Posted by Shatilov (4120 posts) -

Here is a extra keys for

Darksiders - 4EQZ4-YT782-MGYM7

Metro 2033 ZKAC8-QCTJQ-4T2FA

also about the above codes, they are still up to grabs i think.

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Awesome, thanks for the code Merry Christmas! I have never played the Darksiders!