I am looking for an old pc game, please help !

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Hello Everyone,


Me and a bunch of my friends used to play a game around 2003-2005 over the internet, 


The game was an FPS and included several modes such as team death match and capture the flag.

the teams were blue and red

equipment was modern times military gear: bazooka, machine gun, pistol etc..

There were ground vehicles in the game: trucks, humvee and buggy.


There were a few maps, one i distinctly remember was in desert setting and included two canyons with strongholds in each one and a round middle point. 


Please throw some name suggestions and see if this bring anything up, me and my pals are really looking forward to play this again together for good old time sake and we would really appreciate your help.


Thank you very much, Roi.

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mobile forces
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LOL that guy edited my answer in what a douche
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LOL that guy edited my answer in what a doucheDLGenesis

I deleted it, it's your time to shine