How's War for Cybertron?

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#1 Posted by white_wolf922 (257 posts) -

Steam has it on sale for 5$ right now. I know the mutiplayer is probably dead since it's a couple years old and the sequel is out, but do you all think the single player holds up good enough for 5$? I know it's not a lot of money, but there are a lot of shooters out now that are made simply made for the mutiplayer. So I just thought I'd get some opinions on the single player

#2 Posted by rogelio22 (2436 posts) -

i got it for $5 . so far so good but its locked at 30fps

#3 Posted by ionusX (25716 posts) -

for 5 bucks its a solid buy. its a decent SP though pretty damn short. this being said if you can talk 3 friends into it on steam u can get an escalation MP match going and those can get damne extreme

#4 Posted by Sta1k4r (157 posts) -

It's relatively short, being maybe 6 or so hours long, but it's well done. If you count yourself a fan (Even after Michael Bay) I'd tell you to get it, but on merits of gameplay alone... It's a bit harder to recommend

#5 Posted by FelipeInside (26585 posts) -
Great fun game...probably the best Transformers Game out there.