How to to get rid of the intro's in batman arkham asylum?

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The intro's cant be skipped, so is there any way I can get rid of them?

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Try Closing your eyes when they happen.

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Google is your friend took seconds to find solutions


  1. Open UserEngine.ini in the BmGame/Config directory.
  2. Remove or comment-out the following lines in the [FullScreenMovie] section:
+StartupMovies=baa_logo_run_v5_h264 +StartupMovies=UTlogo +StartupMovies=Legal +StartupMovies=Install 

  1. In your Steam Game Library, find the game, right click it and click Properties.
  2. Click the Local files tab.
  3. Click the "Browse local files..." button to open up the game folder.
  4. Open the "BmGame" folder.
  5. Open the "Movies" folder.
  6. Delete the following files:
    • baa_logo_run_v5_h264.bik
    • Legal.bik
    • Legalus.bik
    • nvidia.bik
    • utlogo.bik

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Damn I miss my computer !

I miss coding hard !

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The intro is not that long but @04dcarraher: has the answer anyway.

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Try adding -nosplash to the launch parameter