How to Buy or Sell a Player in FIFA 14 Manager Mode?

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How to Buy or Sell a Player in FIFA 14 Manager Mode?

Explain in Step by Step, bcoz i am New to FIFA Video Game Series.

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It's very straightforward. In Manager mode, go to the "Transfers" tab and you will see two windows, one called "Search Players" and one called "Sell Players". In the first window you can search for players by name or by a set of criteria and then you have the option to either scout them (recommended as you won't know any of their attributes unless you scout them first), inquire or approach to buy from the parent club. In "Sell Players" you can select which players you want to transfer list by simply selecting the player and then selecting "Add to transfer list" or "Add to loan list" if you only want to loan them out.

It's highly recommended to set up a scouting network before buying players, that way you will find out more about them before buying them.

Hope that helps :)

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@Comic_Capers: Again what is Add to transfer list" or "Add to loan list"?

If i click "Add to Loan List", then the player go play & comes back

if i click "Add to Transfer List" then the player go play & never comes back, that's what ru trying to tell me?

While Buying Player, i got Transfer Offer & Contract Offer, But You never mentioned in Your reply, pls mention it and re-reply it.

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If you add a player to the transfer list then yes, the player will be sold if a team makes an offer and both you and the player accept the offer: this is PERMANENT. If you only loan out a player, the player will come back after the loan period; this is TEMPORARY. A transfer offer is the initial offer you make for a player, i.e. the transfer price. Once the team you are buying from accepts your offer, you then have to offer a contract to the player, and they must accept the terms of the contract ot sign for you.

Does that make sense now?

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@Comic_Capers: ok i am able to buy A player or sell A player, then what is the use of transfer deadline day 10 hours thing in FIFA 14 Video Game?

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It's so teams can get last minute deals done. Like in real life a huge percentage (something like 30-40%) of transfer activity happens on deadline day, usually because managers leave things to the last minute trying to find a bargain or lack of organisation (*cough Arsene Wenger *cough). The 10 hours given in the game is so you can have the extra time to complete these last-minute deals.

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@Comic_Capers: You told teams can get last minute deals done, Now tell me, where is the option "last minute deals" in this "transfer deadline day" photo? i am playing manager career mode.

There are options like


Esc Back

d Email Inbox

<- Select

there is no "last minute deals" button or tab, like u said.

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No there is no option for "last minute deals". I'm saying that teams complete last minute deals because it is the final day of the transfer window. This is just like any other day in the transfer window except that deals get done quicker (within hours as opposed to within days during the rest of the window).

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ok! Difference Between Ask the Scout to Scout Player & Enquiry About the Player?

also Explain this terms: Bit Rejected, Offer Withdrawn, Club Pulled Out?

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Ask to Scout means that you send one of your scouts to investigate the player, this way you can find out more of their attributes before signing them as most of them will be unknown. Enquire about Player means you send an enquiry to the parent club about the availability of the player. Usually they will reply along the lines of "the player is not for sale" or "We would be willing to accept a bid of £X" etc. Does that make sense?

Bid rejected = the parent club deemed your offer for a player not acceptable and they have rejected it

Offer withdrawn = A club has made you an offer for a player which you have either accepted or stalled and the club has withdrawn for whatever reason (kept waiting too long or found an alternative etc).

Club Pulled Out = The club accepted a deal and the player may or may not have accepted a contract from you but for whatever reason the club has had to pull out from the deal.

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Please Explain Last one "Club Pulled Out" more Briefly, Remaining all i got it.

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I can't really put it any other way- if that happens, usually a deal has been agreed between the two clubs but the selling club has had to pull out for any number of reasons.

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@Comic_Capers: Maybe explain it using different phrasing for "pull out". For example, "the agreed upon trade was cancelled after the fact."

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@Comic_Capers: ok!, "Club Pulled Out" decision made by whom: player or manager?

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Usually it's the manager of the selling club that decides to pull out but it can also be down to the owner or the director of football (if the club has one).

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If you have fifa on pc be sure to download the moddingway career patch.

It fixes a lot of career mode issues like players retiring too early, player growth and clubs are more likely to make offers for your transfer listed players.

Also the transfer market is less active for big players, so players like saurez, ozil, mata, hazard etc won't keep hopping clubs