How is my wire management?

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I recently built my gaming PC and I am not sure if my cable management is good for air flow.

I tucked some cables under my hardrive and It removed some clutter.

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not great but much better than mine.

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lol yours looks better then mine

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It's okay. Reroute a few cables.. The 8pin connector on mobo for instance plus one cable from your DVD drive (by the looks of it), and maybe pull the others so that only the necessary length of them is showing, hiding the rest behind the mobo.

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I think my cable management is pretty impressive, everything is hidden nicely and it looks purrdy. I'll have to take some pictures, but cbf at the moment.

But yeah TC, do what @horgen said.

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In the real world unless it's terrible cable management will make no noticeable difference to temperatures. It only really matters if you have a side window and want things to look pretty.

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looks cleaner then mine, i have some fan wires crammed around in mine, looks a little crappy but my case is in a closet and nobody can see it. I don't bother getting to picky about it cause i remove my side case a lot and it'd be a pain to put wires back carefully every time.

Really makes little difference now, with sata cords so thin you can hide those behind the motherboard and its pretty good. the crappy ATA hard drive connector days it was a painful mess to keep things clutter free.

I don't like to bend down my cords too much anyways or they may break so i just let them sit where they want.

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Not bad. Looks about like mine. Spent over an hour trying to tidy up the cables in my case. I probably could have done a better job, but I figured it was good enough.

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Rearranging your cables tc will not help airflow in any measurable way from what you have now.

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I don't even bother with wire management. My PC temps are fine, even when the wires are a mess.

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pfffft. airflow. who cares about airflow. you should see the insides of my itx-build combined with non-modular PSU like yours... now that's what i call a mess.