HOTAS stick suggestion thread revisited

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So I posted this a while back but now I am ready to pull the trigger because I just got done putting together an Obutto R3volution. Force Feedback would be nice but I'm not aware of any HOTAS sticks still being made that have it so just a good stick, rudder and pedal set is what I need. Nameless player provided me with some great info in this thread:

But that was 7 months ago so I didn't know if anything new had come out. This is primarily for spaceflight sims so airplane flight stick authenticity isn't a big priority (i.e. the Thustmaser HOTAS Warthog) but if that's the best overall stick then I'm happy to go with it.


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I ordered a Saitek X52 Pro with throttle to start. No pedals, but it has a seperate rudder control already I can use for roll. It's a bit "entry level", but we'll see how it goes.