Home wireless setup answers, por favor.

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My modem downstairs is setup so that it is connected to the main and only working cable outlet in the house. It is directly connected to a wireless router so that I can get wireless throughout my house and from that wireless router a laptop is directly connected to it. So my modem is connected from the wall and out to my router. My router from the modem and to a laptop directly and of course sending wireless everywhere in the house or however far it can reach (to the neighbors, probably). I've noticed a slow down in the laptop connected to my router. Is this because it is somehow becoming a server for my wireless (like storing all the sites people have been visiting on my router) or is it just because it's an old computer? How can I customize my wireless from that laptop (I'm assuming that's the only place to do it) so that only a certain number of computers are allowed to it (I see it's called "enabled")? How does all of this work? I'm one of those clueless wireless owners who doesn't want to be taken advantage of, hehe. I know if my neighbors are using it, it slows it down for me upstairs, even though I'm sure it's a minute difference. Please explain how it works and where I can customize from the laptop downstairs that is probably receiving this info. So far, all I've done has been plugged in the stuff. No software or anything, and I don't plan on getting anything.



EDIT- scroll down to my last question or summed up thingy.
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ahh... the first thing you want to do is enable some sort of wireless security. To manage your wireless router you would access it from your laptop by browsing to the router's address. In most cases it would be: or use google to search your router's make and model for more information, but i'm guessing your internet access has slowed down because: your neighbours are using your router (half the time this is by accident... if your router is newer and has a stronger single they may not realize), more people may be using that cable provider than when you first set this up, or your just noticing heavier usage during peak hours in your neighbourhood.
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No, the speed of the internet is very fast when I'm using wireless, but it's just that single computer that's directly connected to the wireless router and not using wireless that is slow. Which brought me to the whole "that computer acting as a server and storing all the information" business. I'm actually hoping it's just that computer being old....Otherwise, thanks.
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I see. you can try changing the cable between the computer and the router incase that's the problem... defragging the hard drive etc. More than likely you are correct and it's just getting old.
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So what I'm thinking of is actually possible? Defragging the HD sounds better. That comp. has to stay down there with the router and modem. What will defragging the HD do? Any other info I should know? Thanks so far.
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I just have a question about the router logging capabilities. I have many computers connected through the router. Will I be able to track and log web sites (IP addresses) visited from those computers? If yes, for how long the history is preserved? Will I be able to look at the log and see who visited what 2 weeks ago, for example? Also, where would the log be stored and how is it accessed? I believe it could be slowing my computer connected to the router down...