Headphone/Headset recommendation

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Hey GS users i am in the new york and i am looking for a pair of headset/headphone for gaming

The price shuld be betwen 200-250$ i am going to use them for gaming on my pc(cs 1.6 and mw)

and my ps3(resistance,killzone,uncharted) mainly online shoters so i need a mic

I PERSONALY prefer headset but i want the best quality in that price so any headphones will be good


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BTW i was looking at the Astro A40 so if anyone can give me his review about them i would appreciate it

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Sony DR- GA500/SOE a good gaming headset, enjoy your gaming with digital surround sound .
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Since you're using these with both the PS3 and the PC, and given your budget, I'd consider the following:

  • Audio Technica ATH-AD700
  • Astro Mixamp
  • Zalman Clip-on Microphone

The headphones are widely regarded as some of the most outstanding for online FPS, and work well with the Dolby Headphone effect, which helps provide positional information, provided by the Astro Mixamp. The Mixamp will allow you to use the headphones and microphone with both your PC and PS3. All together it will also come in under your budget, and you'll have a great pair of headphones for listening to music, to boot!

Happy gaming,