Half-Life 2 How do you spray paint

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#1 Posted by sporefann (1 posts) -

Im wondering how you spray paint in a multiplayer mod like how do you make it so it can get into the game???Please help!

#2 Posted by PwningStick (453 posts) -
options->multiplayer->import spray
#3 Posted by purple_MAN1832 (2125 posts) -

options->multiplayer->import sprayPwningStick

Then assign a key to spary and you're set. I don't think HL2 lets you spray but its multiplayer components do. 

#4 Posted by Planeforger (16295 posts) -
I think the default key is 't'.
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You cant spraypaint on the normal 1 player game of half life 2 but on its multiplayer games like HL2 Deathmatch you have to go on options then controls and look through the list of key commands until you find spraypaint image and assign a key. 't' is the best key.

If you mean how to get the spraypaint image then go on options>multiplayer and click import sray and go to the folder where the image is you want to use.