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This is a modification for Sand Andreas. By "MMO", I mean 100+ players (Free too). Pretty massive in my opinion considering the map size. Not everyone knows SA-MP exists, and not everyone with it has tried this RPG server. This server is run by players, for players. Businesses are dynamic, you can level up, get a job, join a gang, and most important - have fun. It's play value is extreme too. I've been only goin for a week and I've logged 40 hours. And I'm only level 3. And no, I'm not advertising. This is just information for the curious and I encourage an ongoing thread of discussion and opinion.

If you don't have SA-MP, begin at Step 1. If you do, skip to Step 3.

1) Download SA-MP. It's small and harmless, don't worry.

2) Install it into the same folder with your gta_sa.exe

3) Open up SAMP and look at the area where you type your name (above the server list). Pick a realistic name with two parts, divided by an underslash. John_Doe. Mary_Jane. Coca_Cola. Etc.

4) Make sure your server list is set to favorite, and then hit the check-marked button at the top left.

Add this server :

5) Join the server. Set up your graphical options as usual.

6) From here, you'll need to register your nickname so others don't steal it. Once the server is completely loaded type "/register [password]". Put your password between the brackets (and without them). You may have to answer personal questions.

Select your skin. Theres over 200 to choose from. Try to be unique and if you're not satisfied with your skin you can change it at any time by hitting F4 and dying afterwards. From now on, you can use "/login [password]" when you join the server to load your character.

Read the tutorial that it presents. You'll need it. Once you have spawned, you'll want to get out of where (find a car) and follow the Red Arrow to the bank. Enter it with "/enter" and withdraw 10,000 with "/withdraw 10000". Exit with "/exit" (getting the idea?) and follow the Red Arrow to the area you pick up your drivers license. Type "/buylicense" and it's yours. You're free. Get a job, join a gang, rent a room in a house (which I recommend) and roleplay with fellow players.

If you have any issues with the residents attacking you, call the police! /call 911 and live players will come to assist you in arresting the criminals.

Here is some rules and game information. All, and I mean *ALL*, information below was taken from the WTFMan forums where the server is hosted from.

Mode information:

Static Factions:
- Police Department
- FBI/ATF Team.
- National Guard.
- Medical Department (Ambulances & Firemen).
- La Cosa Nostra.
- Yakuza.
- Mayor.
- Hitman Agency.
- CNN Studio.
- Taxi Cab Company.
- School Instructors (License system).


- Will react only if you registered a new account.
- You must fill in your sex (Male / Female).
- You must fill in your birthdate (Will automaticly calculate what age you are).
- You must fill in your Origin (Based on this, you will spawn somewhere in SA).
- After all the filling in options, you will get a tutorial containing rules etc..

Leader System (Dynamic):

- Admin can appoint a player that will then Lead a Faction (of above).
- Leader can invite Civilians (With faulty check system in it).
- Leader can kick players out.
- Leader can assign Ranks to his Members.
- As soon a Leader invites a Civilian, it will check what that Civilian will become and teleports him somewhere, where the Civilian can choose a skin that comes with that Faction.

Family System (Dynamic):
- This is done by the 2 Organisation Leader (La Cosa Nostra & Yakuza).
- Both the Organisations can recruit 5 families.
- Both the Organisations can delete their own Families.
- Players can check which families are created, and who's the Leader of it.
- Players can check which players are in a family.
- Leaders of a Family can adjust anything they like (Name / MOTD / Color / Spawn).
- Leaders can Invite / Uninvite players or give them a Rank.

Turf System (Needs some tweaks..) (Dynamic):
- There are several turfs that can be given to Families by Organistaion Leaders.
- As soon a Family get's a Turf, it will become their Color (Not fully working i think as they keep being grey).

House System:
- Still in because it was so nicely created by Astro.

Business System (Looks like Astro's, but is rewritten plus different functions):

- Uses products instead of Components & Products.
- Owner name will be shown when entering the icon.
- Extortioner name will be shown when entering the icon.
- Coordinates of going in and out will be saved.
- Level requirement active aswell.
- Basicly some of the stuff that Astro had, only i reduced it and went to Products and added Extortion.

Extortion System:

- Owners of a Business can assign a player as the business's extortioner.
- Owners of a Business can also delete the extortioner of their business.
- As soon a Business earns money, and it has an extortioner it will check if the extortioner is online and will give him 10% of the earnings the Business is about to get.

Karting System (Business):

- Located at the docks, and as soon 2 players or more are in a kart, there will be a message after 15 seconds that a race will start (Message will only be send who is in a kart).
- Automatictly ends the Kart Round after 4 minutes (Just some extra security).
- Checks whoever gets 1st / 2nd / 3rd.
- Checks if more then 2 people are still racing during a Kart Round, if not, the Round will be ended.

Paintball System (Business):
- Located at San Fierro, and as soon 2 players or more are in the Painball Arena, there will be a message after 15 seconds that a fight will start (Message will only be send who is in the area).
- Automatictly ends the Paintball Round after 4 minutes and will announce the Winner.

IRC System (NO not real, just for private channels) (Dynamic):
- Admins can assign a Channel to any player, and that player will then lead that Channel.
- Leader of a channel can set the MOTD / Set a Password / Set if a a Password is needed to come in or not / Lock the Channel / Kick someone.
- As soon you try to join a Channel, it will check if you need a Password or not.
- If you join or leave, everyone in that Channel will receive a message.
- Players can check how many players are in a Channel, and who the leader is of a Channel.
- Players use /i to talk in their Channel.

Mayor System:
- Only 1 mayor, assigned by an Admin.
- Mayor can set the Tax, that will be paid by every player online at PayDay.
- Mayor can give some of the Tax away to every online Cop / FBI / National Guard automaticly (Since Cops etc... have a bad income).

Prison System (Area51):

- Cops / FBI / National Guard can "deliver" players to Fort Demorgan (Area51) and that players is in jail for 1 hour at least.
- Players can't leave the Fort (Should be adjusted perhaps for more fun).
- National Guard (they were guarding the Fort in Godfather Server) can use the Security Building and use 6 cameras for activity.

Marriage System:

- Players can marry each other and share their House & Business.
- Players can divorce each other (One of them will have no House & Business).
- Players can propose to other players.
- Players need a witness in order to Marry.
- Players marry at the church in San Fierro.

Newpaper System (Dynamic):

- A maximum of 10 papers can be created.
- The Newspaper Faction can create a title and lines as a newspaper and it will be saved automaticly.
- Paper Boys can deliver created Newspapers at the Paper Building to players.
- Paper Boys & Newspaper Faction can check if there are any Newspapers.
- Players can read a Newspaper.


How do I talk to other people?

Simply type the `, T, or F6 command to bring your text bar up. Whatever you type in there that isn't a slash command will appear as words coming from you in spatial.

/help will give you a list of all of the commands. This is extremely helpful for first timers to the SA MP experience. If you missed something, you can use the PGUP and PGDOWN keys to scroll through the text. You will see a variety of chat commands you can use. Here are two examples:

/me will allow you to emote something. For example by typing in /me laughs, you will see [name] laughs.

/o - OOC Chat. This enables you to speak through the OOC channel. The OOC channel is not a place to whine or ask your buddy where he is. It's primarily used to talk OOCly, ask questions, or for the Admin to address the server. This may or may not be disabled when you log in. So don't use it as a primary means of communication

/w [Player name/Player ID] - Whisper. Whisper is a close proximity way to talk to someone without anyone else hearing what you have to say.

/call [number] - This allows you to call someone through your cellphone. If you don't know the persons phone number you can purchase a Phone Book from a 24-7. Once they pick up the phone you chat normally. Anyone around you can hear your end of the conversation.

How do I call people?

This is a twofold process. Each person starts out with a cellphone, but no phonebook. A phonebook can be bought in a 24-7 convenient store. You can find those all over in Los Santos, Las Venturas, and San Fierro (although I have yet to find on in SF). Now if you already know the number of the person you want to call, you can do without a phonebook. Simply type in /call [phone number] and it will ring for the other person. Once they type /pickup you can begin your conversation as you normally would if they were next to you. One thing to bear in mind while you are on your phone, people around you can hear what you say on the phone. Once you're done with your conversation, type /hangup to end the call. You can also text message someone by typing in /sms [phone number] [message].

If you have a phonebook you can type /number [player id] to get thier phone number.

How do I buy stuff at a 24-7? There is no clerk! Where's Apu!?!

Relax. Dave shot all the clerks because he found out the squishes were made from churned cowfat. Instead you can simply type in /buy to get a list of items for sale. Simply type in /buy [item number] and you will recieve that item. Bear in mind you must have the money on hand. It will not automatically withdraw from the bank.

How do I get a license?

First of all when you start the game after the tutorial you should see dialogue appear along with a waypoint to the bank. This is the newbie tutorial. Following that will get you a license. If for some reason you either made an account before the tutorial went in and are just now playing, feel free to follow these instructions on how to get your license:

This is a two step process. First you don't have enough on you to get one. So you will need to go to the bank. You start in Los Santos, but will need to go to San Fierro. For your convenience I've mapped out the best course to get from your start position to the bank, then to the license area in San Fierro. The Red X represents where you are, the Yellow X represents where the license is. You will need to have $10,000 to buy a driving license.

At the Bank: Go up to the spinning i and type /enter

Once inside, type /balance to see your overall bank balance.

Then type /withdraw 10000 to withdraw 10,000 dollars

Then type /exit to leave the bank.

Get back into your car and follow the directions below to the license place.

Once you get there, walk to the spinning dollar sign and type /buylicense

Boat and Flying licenses are also available.

Boat Licenses are $25,000 and can be found in Los Santos on the docks with the ferris wheel near the beach.
Flight Licenses are $30,000 and can be found under the air tower at the San Fierro airport.


How do I get health?

There are a lot of ways to get health. The easier and more conveinent way is to visit any pizza, chicken or burger joint and eat. Simply go inside, walk to the red circle and follow the instructions on the screen to eat food. If you need help eating food, just quit while you're ahead. Seriously. Whores can give you a lot of health. Just don't be suprised when you get a little something extra after it's all over with.



No DMing
DMing is defined as any kill that has no other purpose then killing. For example, if you run across some guy outside of the license place and you don't say anything, just open fire, you're DMing.

No Spawn Killing
If the first thing you want to do is kill every other newbie you see, you're on the wrong server. There are 500+ servers out there and I'm sure you can find one with team killing turned on to suit you ****of play.

No Cheats/Hacks/Mods
We have a pretty in depth cheat detection system enabled. Your money, your stats, and your movement is all closely monitored and logged. Obvious? No newbie cash farming. Don't use cheats, mods, or hacks. Don't make a dozen characters and strip them of cash for one characters. Don't even do just one. In other news, we landed on the moon. Drugs are bad. The sky is blue.

No Out of Character Racism or Sexism
In character is one thing, if you're RPing some hardened thug then its going to be ok to swear and use whatever terminology you'd like. I won't tolerate it directed at the players themselves however.

No one under 17 admitted
I have no way of validating your age aside from gut instinct, observing your behavior, or simply asking but if you are under 17. Go out, live life, touch your first boob, and then come back when you understand that videogames are a pale comparison to real life.

No Spamming or Advertising

You can advertise you're in game services, just not any kind of real life website or business. Be careful advertising illegal services though, that's a good way to get caught and arrested.

Be Courteous
This is going to be the hardest one for most people. Some of my better friends were my bitter enemies in games. You have the medium to do pretty much whatever horrible things you want to each other in game. Make sure it stays in the game.

Try to Roleplay
It's not all that hard seeming that this is based in the present. I'm not hardcore RPer, if you metagame (use OOC knowledge as part of whatever part your playing, a la knowing someones name from seeing it over their head instead of introducing yourselves) I really don't care. Just don't do stupid **** like play a mafia guy and constantly run circles around people when you talk.

No Drive-bys as the Driver
At first this looks like a REAL stupid rule. Believe me I thought so to when I saw this on some of the other servers but here's the problem, if your in a car it auto aims your gun and you pretty much kill EVERYTHING nearly instantly with no skill whatsoever. Now, there's nothing in here about your passenger hanging out the window and blowing people away. That's acceptable. Even if you have 3 guys hanging out the window and 2 guys standing on the roof firing away I won't care, just as long as the driver isn't firing. If you can't aim it, you shouldn't be killing with it.


Rules that are allowed here but are commonly not:

Passenger Drive-bys

(see above)

Running people over with your car to kill them

If you think you have an advantage in a car, I think you're mistaken. Those things blow up real fast when fired upon.

Revenge Killing

If someone kills you and I tell you to pretend you don't know them the next time you encounter them you'd laugh at me.

Car vs. Car Combat

Yeah, a lot of servers don't allow you to ram people or do any car versus car fighting. That's stupid. This server isn't stupid.

Steal anything you can

The only thing I ask you not to steal is something a staff member might be directly working on or working with for testing purposes. I'm trying to place as little hard coded restrictions on players as possible to maximize the amount of fun we can have. However there will always be consequences to your actions.

Kill Staff
To fit better into the game world and help progress whatever story we might be creating for ourselves you may see administrators out and about interacting with players. Make sure your not killing staff for the novelty of killing a staff member. We die just as much, if not more, then everyone else. Remember to follow the guidelines above and you won't have any problems. If you open up on a staff member when they're OOC and assisting either you or another player, odds are you'll find yourself in a mess.

Most of this stuff is common sense but I wrote it out so I can point people without common sense to it. It's not all that hard to follow these rules, and they're designed to make sure everyone has a good time, not prevent anyone from having a good time. You can kill anyone you want, do anything you want, and be anyone you want just as long as it fits in these simple guildlines.


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Can I be an admin?

Can you teleport me to X?

I'm not a taxi. I'm a real person with feelings.

My health keeps going down?

You're starving at a rate of 100 points every 1 hour and 10 minutes. You have to go to a food place and eat.

How do I eat?

Just like in the single player game, you go to one of the fast food locations located around the map and stand in the big red circle at the counter. Use the arrow keys to select what food you would like and then hit Shift to select an item. Hit Enter to exit the menu. This is the same as single player.

Where is X?

There is a map here on the and forums and some items have indicators on the in game map. It might be handy to print it off.

I'm shooting people, hitting them, but they're not dying!

Yeah, I went through this to. When you lag what's happening on your screen may not be happening server side. So you might hit them a million times and not kill them because you didn't ACTUALLY hit them at all.

Why don't cars take damage when I hit them?
Items in the game world do not sync with the server after initialization until it is directly interacted with by another player. So cars will only take damage if there is another player occupying the vehicle. This is nothing I can change; it has to do with the SA-MP modification. This is also why the exact same damage effects do not appear for each player.

Where are the NPCs?
Again this has to do with the way SA-MP works. What's graphically displayed on your screen is not always the EXACT same thing on everyone else's. If you tossed NPC's into the mix, people would be hitting phantoms left and right. All this is done to save your computer from having to track and sync all of those items real time. If you did do that you would need a mega connection to pass along all that data.

It keeps saying I'm driving illegally!
You need to purchase a drivers license to drive legally. You can find that on the map.

Can I be a cop, FBI, or army?
If a faction currently exists you will need to speak with the leader directly. Please don't direct these types of questions to staff members, this server is run more by the players so you'll need to speak with them.

I would like to be mafia family, can you make me one?
Possibly. Before you're a mafia family, like in real life, you need to start out in the world of crime by forming a gang. Being a mafia family may not be for you either. This isn't Quake and you're not forming a clan. If you want to be super aggressive and beat people on the street you should really stick to being a gang member. The mafia families are held to a higher standard because you have roots. You have established businesses and those can all be taken away. If a family acted like a gang, expect the FBI and police to take severe action to stop your criminal activities.

I would like to be a gang, can you make me one?

More then likely yes. What you'll need to be officially recognized as a gang here is:
1.) A group of people. I'm going to spawn friends for you. (8+ people)
2.) Get some sort of back story. Since gangs are very prone to violence it's important that everyone understands what you're doing. If you wrote up something about your crew saying you hate the color purple and I watched you beat down a guy wearing a purple t-shirt seemingly unprompted. This will help the players and the staff understands your actions. People may not like what you're doing, but as long as you have some purpose I'm happy.
That's about all you need for me to set something up for you so it officially recognizes you as a gang. I'll try to get you a color for your names so people can tell you're associated and possibly a headquarters. You'll get something conducive with your back story.