GTA 3 steam version problems

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i have black textured cars in gta 3 and i cannot find a WORKING FIX for it. i have tried 2 fixes so far


both of these "fixes" had the same result ( game would not show main menu text, made my computer have a whining noise inside the case and would not load the game it would get stuck on the blue screen with all the characters)

i just bought this game i feel so ripped off paying money for something that doesnt even work.

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@_SKatEDiRt_: You are not alone, I purchased GTA4 from Steam and cant activate it through Rockstar, says invalid code. lol

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This is such crap. pissed a.f.

tried the xbox mod also and that didnt do anything just messed it up more. now i have 2 overlapping menus with NO TEXT and a whiny computer case.

I shouldve just left it alone and delt with the black cars because now even after a clean reinstall of the game it has these problems.

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I found my own fix for the problem after searching the internet to no avail.


-right click on gta3.exe and run in "compatibility mode for win 98"

-also check the box "run as admin"

-delete the gta 3 user files located in "my documents"

you can back up your save games from there if youd like. I hadnt even got a chance to really play before this all happend.

-and the cars can be fixed be downloading the particle.txd file.

I hope this helps a lot of people. cheers