Gsata controller mode?.

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Hi. In my bios there an option to set Gsata mode controller and default is AHCI mode but recently i tried changing this to Raid and everything went fine and started up my PC and it set marvell controller installed sucessfull. Some where along them lines any way. Im thinking this is something to do with your Hard Drive which i do have a ssd which i have my windows 7 on and also i have another normall hard drive where i put my games on. Will this harm or over heat my PC or BSOD at any time and how do i no if its right?. I have notice that set to raid that everything is alot faster but dont want to over heat the PC or any other parts setting it to raid.


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A hard drive is not going to overheat anything.

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Just setting it to RAID won't do anything, you have to actually setup RAID. What your thinking is faster is just a placebo effect.