Good multiplayer LAN games?

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Me and a group of 5 to 10 people are planning on having a LAN we have a few games we are thinking about and we would love to have some help. these are the games we will probably play: COD, UT2K4, Return to Castle Wolfenstien, CSS, SC, WC3, Soldat/Worms

We are not going to play WoW, Diablo, NWN, GW, or anyother MMOs as they take time and aren't that fun to be played for only a couple hours...

We wouldn't mind some of the lesser known downloadable games (like Soldat or Gunbound)

Thanks for the help!

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lets see............I am playing only on LAN me too..........the games i know for Lan are: BATTLEFIELD 2. TITAN QUEST IMMORTAL THRONE, FAR CRY.

If you know rpg or other games for LAN please let me know cause i am looking for that kind of games

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Topic Creator: The games you mentioned will do just fine for LAN.
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There`s always Company of Heroes (and Starcraft!)
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Dawn of War, Serious Sam, and SWAT4 are some of the best LAN games IMO
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Halo is fun LAN...Try CoD 4 with all Snipers
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almost any game can be fun with friends. until you play it too much
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Try some awesome old RPGs like Diablo II or Neverwinter nights!
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Haha Soldat is pure gold.

What about some RTSs though. I've had frequent Red Alert 2 LAN parties for years.

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There`s always Company of Heroes (and Starcraft!)Aashammer

he said SC

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Thats A very good idea becuse playing on LAN is better than online I also recomand you Quake III and Quake IV
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The best LAN games so far are surely COD4 and Flatout2 (especially with COJ mod) =)

Would also appreciate any suggestions for future nolifing events =) I tried UTIII but it seemed to require too much performance for everyone to play. Tried also this Kaneand Lynch game that had a hyper hype:P but it turned out to be an annoying peace of poo.

It would be helpful for a lot of people if GS had an updated top20 maybe of multiplayer PC (and why not console) games. (Y)

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1.Call Of Duty 4

2.Quake Wars:ET

3.Crysis ( If ur machines can handle it :D )

4.Unreal Tournament 3

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eemh, For Crysis you need many ppl to enjoy. Those maps are huge. And it's not to fun to search for other for 20 minutes : D. Kill and search another 20 min again.
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HL2 DM is good too lol in LAN, what about Team Fortress? FEAR is awesome in LAN too. and maybe racing game ?? Need For Speed Most Wanted (because Carbon didnt have a LAN mode)
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I think Flatout2 still beats all racing games in the world. Because apart from top notch graphics, physics, cars, maps and game modes you can always beat the crap out of your fellow gamers :)
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Sins Of A Solar Empire.
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Outrun 2006, Need for Speed (anyone).
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I agree on Sins of a Solar Empire, an absolutely great game to play with friends.
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Hmm... sure bout that sins of solar empire game? :) the trailer looks ridiculous :D
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Another vote for SoaSE here.
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Sins Of A Solar Empire.silentassasin05

If you never want your LAN party to end :P.

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Hmm... sure bout that sins of solar empire game? :) the trailer looks ridiculous :Dreinholt65

Play the game first. Bit slow the game is. When you first start. When you get ya research and stuff done. The game kills. There is so much to do. I have a single player battle with 10 AI and like 50 planets....the battle has been going on for over a week!!!

Plenty to do in the game.