good desktop computer speakers?

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i recently bought a new desktop computer and i want to buy speakers so i don't have to use the piece of crap speakers on my monitor but i don't really know what speakers are good for desktops. can anyone give me any recommendations on speakers for around $50 or less. i have a small living room where i have my computer, video game consoles, and cable set up so i don't need anything huge or expensive.

edit: i was looking at these speakers GOgroove SonaVERSE Ti USB Powered Multimedia Computer Speakers. would these be good?

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@barry000: Check out some of these. There are a bunch in your price range and most of them have better reviews...

Creative Inspire Speakers

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I can vouch for Microlab SOLO 3C

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I have the altec lansing BXR1221 and they have been great - high quality build with even sound. You can get the set with just the two speakers and it would be great quality vs value.

Edit: Had them nearly 4 years and they are going strong.