Gone Home - Midweek Steam Sale - Worth buying?

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Is Gone Home worth getting for $10? Its 50% off this week on Steam.

No story spoilers please.

Thanks gang!!

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Well, I personally felt it was a short but enthralling experience. It's more of an investigative game or like a point and click adventure game. It did give you a good sense of atmosphere that the developers were definitely trying to accomplish. Would you pay 10$ for a novel at a used book store? If so, then check out Gone Home; I definitely recommend it for the story.

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^ I'd rather buy a novel than the game.

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I'm not paying $10 for it. I say wait until it's at least 75% off.

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I played through it last night. Interesting game but it only took me like 2 hours to complete, not sure how they thought 20 dollars was a fair price. I bet they would have made way more money starting at a 10 dollar price point.

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I'm still not getting yet,not until it is atleast 75% off.

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An hour and a half game and it's terrible. Wait til it's like $2

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Unless you are a huge adventure fan I can't imagine buying one of these games at or near full price. I've literally got hundreds of unplayed adventure games via $1 indie bundles.