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Hey there, I just made an account after searching through some older threads for what I wanted and deciding that the community seemed pretty good at giving relevant suggestions.


What I am looking for is a game that allows you a decent bit of character customization, and includes multiple characters for you (preferably 4+, but I guess I can't be too picky). I just live for that character advancement. I'm not looking for any games that are pretty old, but if you have some suggestions let em rip (I've already seen plenty from Googling and finding old threads).


A few of the games that are somewhat like what I am looking for (and a few I haven't played added in as well) are the following :

Baldurs Gate 2 - I haven't played this, I know I suck, but I don't want to go that far back in time. I will if I must, but I was looking for something newer.

Tactical Warrior (mobile game) - I loved this game. The leveling system, party system, item system, and combat was all really awesome, sadly it was on a mobile device instead of a full blown game.

Dragon Age - I liked that character advancement a good bit. Overall it was a greatttt game and a lot like what I am looking for.

Battle for Wesnoth (another mobile game) - This was pretty cool, and is a slower paced version of something I really think I'd enjoy. The units weren't exactly heroes, but they still advanced and you could grab improvements for them so that made it a lot like what I wanted, but it just wasn't quite there.

King's Bounty games - This is something I would love if the units weren't disposable. If the units were heroes instead it'd up my interest in it.


So I guess what I am specifically looking for is a game where you have a group of characters, level up, gain abilities/gear/whatever, can truly customize your character, and is preferably fantasy-based.


Thanks in advance!

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Try looking at Legend of Grimrock. It is a newer game, but you get character/class customization. The game is a first person RPG grid style type of game. I believe it is 7.50 on the Steam Sale right now.

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Thanks for the suggestion Arthas, but I probably won't pick that game up purely because I dislike first person grid style. It does look interesting though. I also don't know if I would like the fact that you move as a single entity but control 4 characters (at least from what I understood reading about it).

I'm probably a bit picky with this, but I am looking for a gem in my eyes and I hope to adore whatever game I find.

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I was about to suggest Dragon Age but... LoL.

Dungeon Siege 1 and 2? pretty old though.

Never Winter 2.

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Maybe The Last Remnant? That is a JRPG, I wouldn't call it a master piece... Its worth playing though.

Also you have FF7 and FF8... Trying here give me some credit.... lol

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X-Com games have pretty cool player progression with recruiting and entire teams you level up with skill trees and all. The fact you can lose your team members you have leveled up makes you care about them a lot more too lol. May not fit your "rpg" demands but same concept as what you are looking for. Actually I see you included King's Bounty, as turn based combat I would say X-Com fits the bill more so than KB does.

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Predator, I actually might pick up playing those games again because I had started on them, but never got too far even though I enjoyed them. They also fit a lot what I was looking for surprisingly. Also, yeah, I had seen the Neverwinter 2 suggestion and I was considering it.

Arthas, I'm going to look into TLR a bit more. It seems interesting... and exactly like FF haha. Also, yeah, I've dabbled in FF a decent bit.

Vfibsux, I definitely am looking into X-Com games. I just looked at them a little bit and they look really cool. It seems like the amount of customization and choices you get to make is what I am looking for. Sadly it isn't a bit more sword/bow/staff/magic, but regardless a good find nonetheless.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions, I'm gonna keep on looking and see what I can find.