Game Profiler for XBOX 360 Controller

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Hello, I have a 360 controller, and would like to use it for my PC. I've tried the Pinnacle Game Profiler, but the trial ran out and I am not paying $20, does anyone know where I can get a fully working Profiler for free, that isnt a trial? Thanks.:D
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cmon guys i need your help!
#3 Posted by NamelessPlayer (7729 posts) -
Maybe you could try GlovePIE. It should recognize any DirectInput-compatible controller(X360 pad included), and allow you to make scripts that can do things like emulate keyboard output. That said, I haven't actually used it myself, since I didn't really feel the need to yet. Therefore, I can't really say if it works as advertised, nor can I help you make scripts.
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I would actually suggest Xpadder its easier to use than pinnacle and free for life! GlovePIE is a good free alternative but you have to script everything you want to do! Xpadder has a very easy to use, customizable interface like 8 profiles in one (pages that you can cycle through by pressing a button on the controller) example if your menu button is right shift and your game-play controls differ from the menu controls you can just map your menu button to open page 2 when pressed and it will change to menu controls and then back when you press your menu button again. Glove Pie has a fairly simple (but takes time to learn) scripting interface that makes it possible to do far more than with Xpadder. but when you combine the two (requires PPjoy to make a fake joypad) use glovePIE and ppjoy to write a scripted joypad and then use Xpadder to map it to any game thus Blending the freedome of GlovePIE with the Ease of Xpadder (now all you have to do is script some of the complex features you want to new joypad button presses in GlovePIE and then use those buttons however you want in Xpadder)