Free single player RPG game?

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Hi, I am looking for a free RPG sp game, is there any good free RPG single player game for PC? Thanks. :D

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..., you cant be serious.
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Theres not many free single player rpg games out there, but you could try they have some games there :D
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I am seroius.
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PM I'll give you a lot of links to free games.
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I am seroius. gogators4life

I think he meant the guy that said Far Cry is a free single player RPG lol.

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There are many classic RPGs you can buy for a measely $10.. Baldur's Gate 2, KOTOR, NWN, Vampires the Masquerade come to mind.
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This message is very old but I just found it doing a search for forums that I post free legal PC games try these sites: They have over 20,000 games reviewed with working links. Also, you may want to take a look at older games from publishers that have released the games out for free. There are so many it's not funny.
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Dink Smallwood?
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try this site

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Try and click on the 'Freeware' tab on the left. Unfortunately, the games aren't organized well and I would recommend you virus check whatever you download.
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Elder Scrolls chapters I and II.

They're feeware off the Elder Scrolls site.

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There are many classic RPGs you can buy for a measely $10.. Baldur's Gate 2,sSubZerOo


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Don't bother giving him recommendations.

This thread is over two years old...

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[QUOTE="sSubZerOo"] There are many classic RPGs you can buy for a measely $10.. Baldur's Gate 2,pvtdonut54


You can get KOTOR for like 9 euros and Mass Effect for 8 euros on steam. Also, I bought the baldur's gate collection for like 10 euros at a store, just check out amazon they most probably have it at that price.

Edit: Ok, this is messed up, on the Baldur's Gate compilation costs 40 dollars whereas on it only costs 10 euros. Weird... Perhaps there's more demand for this game in the states.

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Dude, go to Steam and download KOTOR or Mass Effect. They are only $10 (only this weekend for ME)!!!!!

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try the witcher encharted edition on thepirarebuy

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A Two Year Old Thread.
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Just remember, you usually get what you pay for. I personally would rather spend a few bucks for something good than play something mediocre or seriously lacking for free. But if that's all you can afford to play than I guess it's better than nothing. If you can afford to spend a few dollars though keep your eye on Steam, they always have great games on sale for under $5.;)

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try the witcher encharted edition on thepirarebuy

You bumped a two year old thread to tell someone to use torrents? You're an idiot. Enjoy your ban.