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What's your favorite MMO out right now? I'm playing some Wow, but I'm open to alternatives. ESO should be pretty good eh?

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Tera is the only themepark mmorpg I like. You can really set yourself apart in the pvp due to the action oriented gameplay(you have to aim).

Of course it's pay2fun... not in game money, you need a super computer to play the game with proper fps.

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If I had to play one I'd pick ESO. The beta weekends were entertaining. I've tried most out now and nothing has held my interest.

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I played WoW from 2004 to 2010, before that it was FFXI, but WoW had that special feeling back then. I miss those days. Whoah almost 10 years ago this november.

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The only MMO I've ever played is ESO and I enjoyed the beta weekends.

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The best "modern" MMORPG?

None, they're all kind of the same and they all kind of suck.

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One of my favourite MMO's is Star Trek Online, I started playing that when it went F2P and I've been really impressed with the amount of content they have put into that game after it's fairly terrible launch.

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GW2 with a few caveats. I really enjoy the combat, the level of customization and the rather challenging dungeons. I probably put 350 hours into it minimum. But with no PvE endgame there isn't much to do at the level cap unless you like organized PvP. I would say it is the most polished of any recent MMO, way more so than what I have played of Wildstar and TESO.

Old school MMO would have to be Anarchy Online. If Funcom made a sequel I would definitely be interested.

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@-wildflower- said:

The best "modern" MMORPG?

None, they're all kind of the same and they all kind of suck.

Pretty much this. GW2 and Rift are the only two I managed any significant time in at all. Rift has slowly destroyed itself from the inside out and GW2 just is not fun after you have experienced the leveling to max a time or two. World vs. world gets old after a while, same old crap over and over and over. WoW just decimated this genre. I really hope Camelot Unchained is the 2nd coming of Daoc and not another WoW clone.

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Everquest 1.

Runner up: Guild Wars 2.

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Final Fantasy 14, or Guild Wars 2

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I have played a lot of Tera, Rift and a bit of Guild Wars 2... Apart from grinding for loot they are all borderline mediocre games, i.e. the missions, level design and game play for the games would be laughed at if they weren't MMO's but because they are MMO's peoples standards are lowered drastically.

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My absolute fav of all time is pre-carebear Ultima Online. It's the only MMO I've ever seen where you can progress and have fun and never have to pick up a weapon.

Hell, the stories I could tell. My toon was a miner/blacksmith who eventually worked up the money to own his own shop, and being one of the first people to drop a shop down I got a primo location right behind the Inn at the entrance to the town of Yew. I just loved contracting work from guilds to make their weapons and armor. The only fighting I ever did was when I would get jumped while mining, and being a miner/blacksmith I was incredibly strong and managed to kill my fair share of PVP wannabes.

Then people started complaining and they introduced that stupid Krama shit, made all kinds of care bear changes etc., and of course the macroers. Game when to shit. But there at the dawn, it was so bright. It's too bad everyone follows the EQ formula, UO really had a lot of great ideas that just needed to be implemented better.

Currently playing GW2, but only casually. I've never gotten into an MMO like I did the early days of UO.

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my favourite mmo for the last couple years has been TERA. But i don't play it every day, just whenever. Its free so theres no pressure for me to log in, just if I want to play a bit... like most MMOS though you will eventually max out and get bored.

Its hard to recommend a mmo, everyone likes different things. I'm more a casual player so i kinda like a game i can log in and play a few minutes and just relax.

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I tried WoW once... Didn't like. Only MMO I have tried so it currently hold all the awards I have for MMOs. :P

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Asheron's Call is memorable to me, I had tons of fun with World of Warcraft right before the Burning Crusade, and DC Universe Online while short was still entertaining. But currently I'm all about The Elder Scrolls Online.

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WoW would have to be my favorite followed closely by FFXI. FFXIV is great as well. I know this is not an MMO, but Smite looks like it might be pretty cool. Going to try it out tonight.

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Guild Was 1 is my all time favorite but 2 is my current favorite.

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My faves would be:

1. Ragnarok Online--this is the very first mmorpg I've played and I'm still playing this game at this point in time.

2. Pangya!--I like playing fantasy golf with awesome characters and great shots but I guess not all players enjoy golf.

3. Freestyle Online--Also a sport-themed MMO, I like this game for its moves and unique feel.

4. Dragon Nest--I like the fast-paced action of this game.

5. Eclipse War--recent one I've tried. So far I like this game for its Transformation Card Feature. The next OBT period is set on the later part of April. I'd like to see what changes they made.