Encountered this COD:WAW Direct X problem:

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#1 Posted by raptorcountry (482 posts) -

"direct x encountered an unrecoverable error"

What should I do? Sorry for two first page posts.

#2 Posted by imprezawrx500 (19187 posts) -
does it say it everytime you try and launch the game? try reinstalling direct x
#3 Posted by Tectonic76 (124 posts) -
Maybe it happens when he tries to change the graphical settings. Happened to me in CoD4. Still never figured out what it was but now I dont play it no mo
#4 Posted by kemar7856 (11523 posts) -
that happened to me in cod4 it can be caused by alot of things for me I had to change something in my bios and it worked after that