Dragonball Online English Patch

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Hey just letting you all know that http://www.dbmmo.com now has an english patch avaliable to DBO. The patch is still not fully complete but we will keep updating it untill it is.

Also a new trailer can be found here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lOH4-ha2nU

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Wait a minute what is this?! DB Online? Am I dreaming or something?
#3 Posted by ColdfireTrilogy (4911 posts) -
no its already in beta in Japan and Korea as far as i know but unless you have a Korean SSN you cant get in. Heres to hoping for an international release.
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I'm looking forward to seeing the complete version of this game!

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sorry but every time i enter the english pacth websie it says Resource not found elp please
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its been 2 years i think since i last heard of this mmo.. still no international release eh? darn..
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The game is also available in Taiwan, Official site: http://dbo.wasabii.com.tw/index.aspx To download it, install it and apply the English patch go here: http://www.dragonball-online-cash-shop.com/tuto-download-setup-dragonball-online.php