Does Batman Arkham city support Controllers?

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#1 Posted by YourNextStalker (106 posts) -

I was wanting to know if Batman Arkham city supports controllers and which controllers would be best for the game.

#2 Posted by Travis281 (2546 posts) -

The last one did. It's a games for windows live game, so a 360 controller will work perfectly like it does on the 360. It's the most compatible controller overall so you should have one.

#3 Posted by guildclaws (7907 posts) -

Every game that is a GFWL title support controllers

#4 Posted by Lach0121 (9980 posts) -

It would be a dumb move on their part, not to include controller support for it.

#5 Posted by luis_07 (124 posts) -

Seeing that it's GFWL I can't see why it wouldn't support a controller.

#6 Posted by Krelian-co (13098 posts) -

if by any chance you like another controller better than the xbox one like i do, just search for x360ce, its a little hack for some games that only use xbox controllers and it mask your controller as if it was a xbox one.