Deciding between two mechanical keyboards.

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The Corsair K70

Or the Cooler Master Storm Quickfire

The K70 is currently out of stock, I was thinking about waiting for it, but the CM seems like a solid choice as well, which would you recommend?


Also I will add, if anyone has a suggestion for another mechanical (brown switch, please) feel free to share.

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#2 Posted by Klunt_Bumskrint (5404 posts) -

I have the K70 and I love it. It's the only mechanical keyboard I've ever used so I have no comparison.

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K70 for sure. If I was going to buy a new keyboard, thats what I would 100% go with!

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I've thought about it a little more, think I'll wait on the K70. Thanks for the responses, lock if you want to.

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Get a Deck kb...none better.

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I've used the Quickfire and the Noppoo Choc Mini both with Brown Switches, I don't like the materials that the Quickfire uses for its keys compared to the Choc Mini so I don't recommend it as much. I don't have experience with the K70 unfortunately.

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K70 is better in my opinion (I have k70 brown switches), I haven't had experience with the quickfire my self but I was in a similar situation (I was looking at the quickfire too) and I am glad I got the k70. It feels like it was built very well and the metal back plate is nice. Also the media keys are a nice touch and I do like them. One of the big factors for me was it coming with a wrist wrest as when I game it is more comfortable to rest my hand on one.

The black lighting is the shit with the way the switches are above the backplate of the keyboard (gives a cool halo effect).

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CM Trigger if you could find it, other than that Tt eSports Poseidon

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Quickfire is OK for an entry level mechanical but I'm not a fan of it myself. I feel like its kind of cheaply constructed and some of the keys pop off very easily. I would spend the extra 20-30 and get something better next time.

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Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard all day, everyday son.

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I've got the k60 and it's quite nice, I imagine the k70 is similar. Just be aware it requires 2 usb ports and won't work with even a ps/2 adapter.