Decent Space Combat sims for use with a HOTAS stick

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Hey all,

I've asked this question before a while ago but some time has passed since the last time so I figured I'd ask again. Does anyone know any decent space combat sims out there or that are coming out soon that are well suited to flightstick control? Here are the kind of games I've played in the past and enjoyed:

Space Rogue
Wing Commander series
Privateer series (favorite)
X series (except for rebirth)
Freespace series
Darkstar One
Project Silpheed (the 360 game)
Strike Suit Zero/Infinity/Director's Cut

Games upcomming that I'm looking forward to:

Star Citizen
Elite Dangerous
That procedurally generated content open spaceflight sim who's name I can't remember

A few others I'm aware of:

Starpoint Gemini 2
Evocrhon Mercenary
Spaceforce: Rogue Universe
Sol Exodus
Starlight Inception
A few other various early access games

My preference is the "open universe" style games but at this point I'd settle for a totally linear, mission based space combat sim. I've actually been having a blast with Strike Suit Zero again since building my cockpit because it's fast, frantic and pretty.


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@Byshop said:

That procedurally generated content open spaceflight sim who's name I can't remember


No Mans Sky .

Also check out Limit Theory .

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I recently played through Eterium with a Saitek X52 Pro. As you enjoyed Wing Commander, this is a clear recommendation as it is very similar in structure. The story is not exactly its strength, but the gameplay is very solid. There is even a demo on STEAM.

The independence War games are on my list to try with the flight-stick, but I didn't manage to try them yet.

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@Cloud_imperium: Limit Theory is the one I was thinking of. I'll check out both it an No Mans Sky.

@G-Lord: I hadn't heard of Eternium. I'll check it out. Regarding Independance War, it's a bit dated but those were pretty good games. There was a stronger emphasis on commanding the starship than dogfighting but it was really cool.


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@Byshop: Thank you for the info. I got the flight-stick just recently and now I'm looking for good space sims myself as I have already played most of the classics. Tachyon is also one I'm considering as I haven't played that yet.

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@G-Lord: Tachyon is pretty linear, but fun. Also Bruce Campbell does the voice of your character (the guy from Evil Dead).

I checked out Eternium. It's not bad overall. Sure, the story is a bit weak but you could say the same thing about Strike Suit Zero. The anime art style, though, is hilarious. Everyone looks like they are 12 years old. Still, it seems pretty fun in spite of the fact that it's only about 400 meg. I always get worried when a 3D game is under a gig.


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You could take a look at Rodina, its a procedurally generated openworlds style space exploration/rpg (albeit early development)

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@Byshop: Heh, Bruce Campbell would be one of the main reasons to play Tachyon for me ;).

Yeah, the Eterium characters are pretty hilarious, but you can always skip all the dialogues if you want to....

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For all of you space fans:

Starpoint Gemini 2 is finished :)

Game goes live on 9.26.14. and for those of you who already have the early access: single-player campaign will unlock on the 26th.

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