Cutscene and sound issues

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Deus Ex HR cutscenes lag heavily, very choppy.

Then yesterday in Crysis I hear alot of skipping in the music.

I have VIA audio and my mobo is an ASUS M4A77TD

How can I update/replace my sound drivers, is that from flashing the mobo? Or do I need Windows sound drivers?

Right now I am downloading Windows drivers from VIA for my chipset.

Also I am worried that my Codecs are screwed up, probably from trying different codec packs trying to make Windows Media work.

Any advice?


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All you should need is the Windows sound drivers. If your codecs are messed up, from experience, that's a pretty tough issue to reverse. Are you overclocked at all on your machine? I had an issue with CryEngine where it was not correctly detecting the final CPU speed and so the real time clock it accessed was inaccurate causing the audio to lag and skip during cutscenes and gameplay. It also caused certain animations to be mistimed.

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@Marfoo: Nothing is OC'd, I am mainly going for stability.

Yesterday I flashed the BIOS, still got skipping in Crysis music, the final scene was laggy, it was really weird, the sound was skipping and then the graphics started skipping too, I barely completed the game, think I got 5 fps on the run to the vtol.

I feel like tossing my computer out the window, I can't seem to play anything without problems.

Update : I just checked Deus Ex, the cutscenes are no longer skipping, I'm so happy.

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@ZombieKiller7: Glad you got it worked out. For me it was some strange setting in the BIOS that was causing Windows to misread the clock speed. CPUID Limit or something like that.