Crappy PC trying to run DayZ SA

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I have a very old laptop. It is about 4 years old. It was (at the time) by no means a gaming rig -- it was a machine I got for my birthday to use for studying purposes when I studied abroad (York, England). Of course it could run a few games; Oblivion and Fallout 3 (on medium to low settings). Games do not look spectacular, but I did get to complete the games.

My modding days are over. I used to keep up with the latest in pc-gaming technology and trends when I was a youth, but after an incident, I stopped modding and continued gaming on PS3.

I started playing the "original" DayZ when it first came out. Got it running at about 20 fps, I guess... maybe lower. I kept asking the dudes I played with for advice. They told me that my CPU should run the game flawlessly, but it was my gpu that was the problem. When running the game, I had every setting on "Very Low", and it was still barely making 20 fps.

Now, I've been thinking about all the fun I had playing the game and recently bought the DayZ Stand Alone-edition.The game is suppose to look pretty good, but not with every setting turned down to "very low". Still, I get to play the game, with a frame-rate at around 17-20, mayhap.

I must admit; since my dayz of modding, I have forgotten many, many things. These are my specs:

CPU: Intel Pentium processor Dual-Core SU4100 (1.3 Ghz, 800 Mhz FSB)
GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 (up to 1756 MB HyperMemory)
Memory: 3 GB DDR3

According to this site I visited (similiar to "Can I run it" --this was a site I used to visit when I was in doubt if my system could run certain games), and scored way over "minimum requirements" for CPU, but just below on the GPU.

My question: Do you computer wizs' have any suggestions to me on how to run the game smoother?

-Buying a new laptop has been up for debate, but I have to argue some more with my girlfriend. I don't really play games on pc anymore *sigh*
-The guys I played DayZ with suggested to up the ante from "very low" to "medium" as [insert some advanced tech-talk about using GPU instead of CPU...try to divide the right amount of work...your GPU can't handle everything, and neither can your CPU....set Dual-Core/single-core....more advanced stuff], and that this should work because of [reasons].
-This is the only game (!) I plan on playing with my current laptop. I usually play games that don't require beast processors (Starcraft....not the 2nd, the first...Star Wars Battlegrounds, Rogue Legacy, Don't Starve).

I know my laptop is currently very poor, but any good advice would be really helpful.

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My view is that if your not engaged, married or living together she should not have the final word how you use "your money".

But as for day z you need a beefy cpu along with a better gpu. "Can you run it" should be taken off the net because they dont do a good enough job. You need a 2.4 ghz cpu and at least a ATI 3850... a 4330 isnt even close to have any real chance in running the game decently nor your cpu. Depending on your budget if under $800 I would build a pc.

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Haha, that's true, friend.

Ok, so the only option is to purchase a new laptop/computer to play the game.

Will any of these game boosters (Game Booster, Razer Game Booster etc.) help any?

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those game booster will not help since you well below whats needed to run the game stable