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Hi guys,

Since I'm upgrading my computer I'm left with bits to sell. I've just got into ebay selling old bits etc and doing well :).

One of the bits I have to sell is my Phenom II X6 1110t Black Edition. How much is one of these CPU's actually worth? £300 new on amazon?!? surely not! I've looked about on ebay and can find a lot of other X6's but not the 1100t BE. So my question, how much is it actually worth?


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is that just pulled out of the sky? lol

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is that just pulled out of the sky? lol

Yes and no, I can get an FM1 combo for $150 and an AM3+ for $175, that's a combo remember, so $75 or $100 max is what I'd go personally.

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Not a bad price for it then.

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About the price I got selling q6600 back then. Sounds about right for your avg cpu.

Motherboard was a beech to get rid of.

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I usually keep my old parts and use it as a second pc.

I had an old Phenom II x4 965 and an ASUS board that I knew wouldn't sell for much so I kept them.

Now when I have someone over we can play a multiplayer game with them using my second computer.