CPU bottlenecking question.

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I currently have an AMD Phenom II X4 965 Processor and am wanting to upgrade my GPU to at least a GTX 760 very shortly. Will this CPU be a big bottleneck so that I will need to upgrade it as well? If it is, what would be the minimum I'd need to upgrade to? Also any advice on ways to tell it is the CPU bottlenecking you would be appreciated.

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OC your CPU and you should be okay.

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That cpu will not bottleneck that gpu enough to worry about with gpu prone games. With games that do put strain on the cpu all you really need to do is overclock that Phenom to 3.6ghz+ and you will be in decent shape. If you have a C3 version of the cpu you wont have to touch the voltage at all to get 3,6-3.8 ghz.

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I can hit 4.0/4.1 ghz with mine without touching the voltage, but my board has the voltage at 1.475 for the default. I dunno what the actual default is supposed to be on other boards though. If I were to guess, maybe 1.35.

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It will bottleneck (I have the same CPU and similar GPU), but it doesn't mean you'll have low performance, just not as good as you would with a better CPU.

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Not sure if I'm wrong, but this is how I check to see if my CPU becomes a bottleneck - I run Performance Monitor from Windows and check the results after gaming. So, if the trend hits 100%, it's a bottleneck.

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Maybe a slight bottleneck in some games, it's not a big difference.