Computer restarted and I now have no internet!

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So when I came to use my computer today, I noticed that it was restarted (not where I left it) and that I couldn't connect to the internet. I have another computer on the same network which has absolutely no issue using the internet. What is particularly odd is how the browsers are behaving to this. Firefox is just stuck at its local homepage, and if I try to go to another adress, it will just revert back to the homepag. Internet Explorer will just instantly give me a "You have failed to connect to the internet" page, with a troubleshooting button. The troubleshooting button gives me another error.

In the Network Connections panel, it shows that my network is connected to the internet. If I try to navigate to my router's address, it gives me the same error as before.

Last time I used the computer, the internet was 100% fine. Any ideas?

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DHCP failed. Set your networking manually.
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Did u try disabling and re-enabling the network adapter?