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I was wondering what some good mods are for the game, I've only played 2(zombies and obscurity). What are some other great mods that are popular?

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I'd like to know too. I've looked around for some COD4 mods and got nothing good. ANy good sites or popular mods that everyone's playing?
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Paintball's pretty good :).

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Promod (competitive), a couple different zombie mods, paintball, and then you could try Frontlines

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Thanks. I've seen some screen shots of a mod that had vehicles in it, anyone know the name of it?

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Obscurity is the best.

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Try the G13 Freeze tag or the k3 super weapons mod .
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i got pezbots its where u get to verse bots if u can find out where to download it and work it out it's pretty awesome
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lol super epic 1 year bump?
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Oh hell yea, finding some mods totally kept me playin this game. Still trying to find best source of skins but I've got couple good ones;116index

some skins here, but not very organized, - if you sort by 'downloads' , Pezbot is top